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16 Brand New stunning residences to be completed in late 2014. Choose from 1 & 2 bedroom apartments with seamless outdoor living, chic designer finishes, underground parking all within moments of the soft sand of Bondi Beach.‚Äč Read More.

Greenfield developments are new developments were we have sought to value a previously under developed property.

We try to enhance the site to ensure that each development leaves the future owners with a sense of community and ownership of the building once we have left the site.

New building development often has negative connotations from the immediate neighbours and community. We try to minimise this impact and work with affected parties to balance the advancement of the site and the needs of local community members.

Buying a property which has been a new construction from Manning Property Development means you can rely on the fact that we have engaged quality architects, builders and landscape teams to undertake the design and construction of your new home. While we are not builders, as the developer we seek to ensure we are getting the best quality construction for each project.

Manning Property Development started as an Urban Renewal specialist. Having spent so much time seeing great buildings throughout the world, our team has been seeking under utilised buildings to enhance for future generational use.

Many properties have designs, which were relevant to the period in which they were built. Often kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms don't have an optimal layout or just to be repaired or upgraded.

Typically we can afford to bring these older buildings to current standards by increasing the total number of dwellings on the site. We often add additional floors to buildings or build new structures within the sites boundary.

Urban renewal requires specialised knowledge to ensure the site is effectively updated while balancing the 'old and new'. Our skills extend to identifying where the best value is added to site renewal while ensuring new tenants get a good balance between new construction and the charms of an original building.

Buying an urban renewal project from Manning Property Development gives you the charm of an established building with the security that your property has the latest standards and complies with all current building codes.

We are often approached to invest, participate or finance projects, which have been originated, by other developers or individuals. Generally we seek to establish the experience of the principles behind any site prior to establishing a relationship.

Finance of sites originated by third parties can be in the form of debt or equity. There may also be the requirement for the provision of our network of consultants and expertise to facilitate the successful completion of the site.

Finance undertakings by Manning Property Development as assessed on a case-by-case basis and are principally about the deployment of substantial amounts of capital over a short to medium period for superior return on a risk-adjusted basis.

If you have a project, which you need some finance for, we are more than happy to discuss your situation.

Please use the Contact form to get in touch.


Joe Public is an New Zealand based investment with a focus on Urban Renewal projects in the Auckland Market. For more information on the Joe Public opportunity please visit www.joepublic.com.

Often we are presented with a broad array of developments, which are very attractive, each on their own merits. A Syndicated Investment opportunity presents a chance for you to participate in a development being managed by Manning Property Development.

Each Syndicate has its own unique characteristics, which suit the site and the risk profile of the principles investing in the project. Manning Property Development aims to be your partner and will co-invest in any project, which is undergoing Syndication.

Syndicate horizons vary from 1 year to 3 years typically, depending on the nature of the project. In rare circumstances they go for a longer period. We aim to meet a benchmark return rate, and share the proceeds of the site profits after the benchmark return.

Please contact us to discuss any Syndicated Investment opportunities.